Since being founded, BTC receives great interest from Freemasonry which tries to break financial monopoly through BTC to establish a new world order. Each member should submit one BTC as qualification symbol before joining Freemasonry. There is three grades: apprentice, artisan and tutor.

Member: submit 1 BTC to own referee to become a member.

Apprentice: introduce three members to use BTC for payment, and each of the three members submits one BTC to become a member, then apprentice gets 3 BTC as award.

Artisan: the apprentice has already got award of 3 BTC, and needs to submit 2 BTC to the artisan for own enrollment (referee of referee) to become an artisan. The artisan gets 2BTC×9 = 18 BTC as award.

Tutor: the artisan has already got award of 18 BTC, and needs to submit 10 BTC to the tutor for own enrollment (referee of referee of referee) to become a tutor. The tutor gets 10BTC×27 = 270 BTC as award.

1 You submit 1BTC to referee LV1 to become a member.

2 You submit 2BTC to referee of referee LV2 to become an artisan.

3 You submit 10BTC to referee of referee of referee LV3 to become a tutor.

Grade upgrading bonus numerical strength gross income
apprentice 1BTC 3 3BTC
artisan 2BTC 9 18BTC
tutor 10BTC 27 270BTC

Incentive system

to reward and stimulate the users, the platform sets following bonus system: three three copy and three three out. After being out, one can get 270BTC and follow the Freemasonry to visit the Freemasonry chambers in different countries. Besides, the platform has got branded sponsorship of international luxury brand LV. Each member will have the opportunity to get one luxury provided by LV, and become a LV mason. Besides, there are three generation of 5%, 3% and 2% as recommendation bonus, matching bonus of 2%, 3% and 5%, and reward bonus of 6%.

Terms system

BTC masonry announcement commitment.

After comprehensive understanding and surveying the industry, serious reflection, I have already knew clearly and accepted following industry regulations, and will observe and execute:

I. Assume entrepreneurship fund;

II. Observe each industry's system:

1. Cooperate with the team, industry and referee in full power to work.

2. Observe local laws, rules and internet convention, no law or rules breaking, and be up to basic moral ethics standard, such as no passivity, no rumormongering, no discussion about political subjects, no transmission of illegitimate sex relation to minors, putting an end to creditor debtor relation.

3. Observe industry management system and bonus system and operate in full power.

III. Actively assume operating responsibilities:

1. Actively assume the responsibility related to expenses in operation;

2. Actively assume the replication responsibility in operation;

3. Learn hard for the team development and aggressively pay out to improve own capacity;

4. Assume the responsibility voluntarily if I am called out due to my own reason;

5. Accept the rules that industry qualification and quota are only permitted to be transferred or inherited by the person designated by the party concerned and the fund subscribed cannot be applied to be refunded.

6. Accept industry out system and actively maintain Freemasonry community.